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What is the difference between e3 and e3lite?

The ecobee3 lite does not support accessories (HRVs, ventilators, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers). However, you still get all the same smart functions offered by the ecobee3...

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How do I connect to HomeKit?

Before you begin, please make sure your ecobee is HomeKit-enabled. If it is, go ahead and open up your ecobee mobile app.

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How do room sensors work?

Most thermostats only read the temperature in one place (usually the hallway) which can make other rooms uncomfortable. Wireless room sensors help detect...

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How do I use the ecobee mobile app to install my ecobee?

Available on both iOS and Android devices, the ecobee mobile app provides installation instructions that are customized to the type of ecobee thermostat...

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How do I start using my ecobee?

Congratulations on joining the ecobee community! It’s time to get the most out of your ecobee by learning some of the ins and outs of your brand new smart thermostat...

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